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Pet tales: Henry the ragdoll

I was living on my own in London when I decided I wanted the company of a cat.

After researching breeds that would suit living in a flat, a ragdoll sounded ideal. This beautiful breed isn't supposed to venture out as it's said that they're unable to defend themselves. However, Henry and I travel to the countryside every weekend, so he definitely breaks that rule.

Unlike most cats, Henry's great with car journeys, as he's been used to the car since he was a kitten, and falls asleep in his box until we're in West Sussex. There he immediately adjusts to his new surroundings and wants to go straight out into the world and see what mischief he can find. He's got endless places to roam as we're surrounded by farmland and away from traffic.

For a supposed posh pedigree he does a very good country bumpkin impression and spends all day outside when he can, in any weather. He seems to like being out in the rain and often comes back bedraggled and trailing half the garden in his long fur.

Returning to London he then seems happy to curl up on the sofa again, dreaming of the mice he terrorised and recharging his batteries for his next country break.

Likes The countryside and cheese.

Dislikes The vets and humming.

Finest hour Jumping out of an upstairs window onto paving slabs to get outside, and thankfully only grazing his chin.

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