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Volunteer at NCAR - Make it your New Year's Resolution

Whilst there are some fundamental rehoming criteria, they are guidelines rather of blanket policies. We try to be flexible to match the requirements of the individual pet dog and the suitability of your house provided. Each pet dog will certainly have its own certain demands for a brand-new house and this will certainly be detailed in their rehoming info. Click the following link for more information on Puppy Frightened of Men

The New Year is upon us, and we are all thinking of our new year resolutions. It's a true fact that so many of us can't actually keep them up after January, but there is one New Year's resolution that wouldn't be a chore and could last all year, that's volunteering at NCAR. This is a great way to exercise, enjoy the lovely countryside and give some TLC to all the rescue animals at NCAR, you will gain so much from this and we would all love you to become part of the volunteer team at NCAR! We can guarantee you lots of cuddles kisses from dogs and cats but one thing we can't guarantee is that you WON'T fall in love and end up adopting one of the animals!

From all of us at NCAR we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you at one of our next Volunteer Inductions - Run every Thursday and Sunday at 11.30am - please book on by calling our reception on 01745 560546 - once this is completed you will be a registered NCAR volunteer and you will be able to volunteer whenever you wish.

Let's make VOLUNTEERING AT NCAR everyone's New Year Resolution



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