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Watch: Around the Dog World - Crufts and Pawscars 2015

Created: 26/03/2015

No vet faux pas, tailgate or talk of poisoning, just all the positives from the world's greatest dog show.

The latest Aroud the Dog World is perhaps the most special of the year. The main feature for this month's programme is, of course, the world's biggest dog show where more than 20,000 dogs compete for the most prestigious prize in dogs, Best in Show at Crufts.

This episode first hits TV screens on Thursday Apr 2 at 8pm, on Horse Country TV (Sky 253), with several repeats throughout the month. But for those without Sky, keep your eye on the dogworld.tv and DOG WORLD website as it will be free to watch there too from Apr 3.

In the last two years an event has emerged the night before the big show kicks off, which brings together hundreds of canine enthusiasts to celebrate everything good in dogs. Honours which have been voted on by the public, are awarded to people deserving of recognition for their input and effort to the world of pedigree dogs, and all proceeds from the night go to very worth canine and children's charities.

The Pawscars have already become a vital part of the canine calendar and you can watch highlights of the night and see every award get handed out on this month's Around the Dog World.

When the programme moves across to the NEC halls for Crufts, there is plenty to fit in. Not only highlights of every group and Best in Show, but also a daily stop at one of the most exciting breed rings from across the weekend.

Also hear from the group and Best in Show winners and judges minutes after they have come out of the ring. Emotions run high, excitement is clear to see, and some are left struggling for words after such amazing wins.

Around the Dog World - Pawscars and Crufts 2015 is pressnted by Simon Baillie, and analysis of the judging in both breed and group rings is from Andrew Brace.

The next Around the Dog World was filmed last weekend at UK Toy and will take an in depth look at a handful of breeds, not just in the Toy group but also some British native breeds including the one you can watch taking Best in Show at Crufts on Thursday, the Scottish Terrier.

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